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  • What does Cyberwinds mean?
    It's what our founder played... instead of woodwinds it became Cyberwinds. This was already taken on the internet listings so it became
  • How many Countries enjoy performances of Cyberwinds publications?
    Currently sheet music has been performed in: USA, Germany, France, Phillipeans, Japan, Canada, China and Italy. As members send us orders we always trade free sheet music for videos of our compositions being performed. Some day we will get them all up on YouTube or right here on Wix, but currently we are simply writing more quality music. Perhaps later we can get to this. (We Hope)
  • What are some plus factors to purchasing from
    Playable piano parts. Classroom and Concert Hall tested. Modern developmental harmonies and counterpoint. Personal service. We will not let something be incorrect or wrong with your order. Small company with no Press #1 for so and so. If you contact us, we speak with you about your successes. Quality compositions.
  • Why is David Makensie so hip?
    In order to understand this, one must perform and live with a DMac composition to resonate with his soul. It doesn't hurt to have an undergraduate or graduate degree in Star Trek either.
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