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Title: All-County Concert Band Audition 1999

Style: Various

Composer: Many - Arranger: - Grade: 2-3 - Instrumentation: Concert Band

     All-County Concert Band Audition 1999 consists of a Technical and a Lyrical Etude for each instrument. Rubrics will need to be added to this older upload but the pdfs are very solid. Usable for Middle School All County Auditions in 1999, this stack is available and usable. Students, please remember to print just YOUR part or your will print the entire stack and this can waste valuable paper, ink and time. ALSO remember that everyone needs to download THEIR scale sheet for the scales part of the auditions as well. Best of luck to everyone!

Title: All-County Concert Band Audition 2015

Style: Various

Composer: Many

Arranger: Howard Hart

Grade: 3-4

Instrumentation: Standard Concert Band

     Remember to print out only YOUR part from this stack or you will have a bunch of unwanted pieces of paper and an ink bill. Best of luck to everyone auditioning.

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