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Title: Fanfare 1 in F

Lyrical: Standard Fanfare

Composer: Russ Weaver - Arranger: Russ Weaver - Grade: 2 - Instrumentation: 3/6/9 trumpets

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     Here's a fanfare that works for younger players. Top goes up to G above the staff once. Use this to announce your administrators, school board members, dignitaries, yourself or your band! Have fun with live music again. If you like this free one, we have more, contact us.

Title: The Orff Instruments

Style: Lyrical

Composer: Russ Weaver - Arranger: Russ Weaver - Grade: 2 - Instrumentation: Orff Ensemble + Chorus

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     This is a piece for Orff Ensemble that introduces each of the Orff Instruments to the audience via the Chorus. Simple and strong percussion forms the base for this exciting Orff journey. Level I Orff training is recommended to teach this piece properly, but not required. The sound file is a MIDI file so the vocals are all "oo's" , the real piece has lyrics. Written for Debbie Fahmie and the Falcon Forte at Cypress Elementary School in Kissimmee, Florida. The Guitar part may be played on keyboard or piano.

Title: Canon in D

Style: Lyrical

Composer: Johann Pachelbell - Arranger: Russ Weaver - Grade: 3 - Instrumentation: 4 Recorders, Basso Continuo (Cello, Piano, Bass)

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     Suitable for processionals and recessionals of any sort, especially weddings. Perfect for church services. Playable by 5th grade students with recorder experience. All parts are in the staff except for the top part that goes up to a B Natural. Excellent choice for Weddings or processionals.

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Title: Exaltation

Style: Fanfare

Composer: Chris Sharp - Arranger: Chris Sharp - Grade: 3 - Instrumentation: 3tr,3fh,3tbn,tba,timp, perc

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     Here is a great brass ensemble to open any concert. Easy to memorize, can be used as an upfront brass choir or as a walk in or even as antiphonal brass feature with percussion in the center. More great writing from Chris Sharp.

Title: I Live In Music

Style: Various

Composer: Russ Weaver - Arranger: Russ Weaver - Grade: 3 - Instrumentation: fl,fl,ob,cl,bcl,drumset, narrator

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     This is a chamber music piece that will bridge the gap between your language arts department and your elementary school feeder programs. It is based on the children's book "I Live In Music" by the famous American Poet Ntozake Shange. Most elementary school libraries have this book, however if you need to order it you can find it on our educational materials page. The concept is that the poem was written first and then the illustrations (paintings) were inspired by the words. This piece was a reaction to both! So... the narrator (school principal, guest music teacher, superintendent or a student...) reads this wonderful work of children's literature while the sextet plays the underscoring. It takes a bit of practice working on the timings between the narrator and the musicians, however after a few play-throughs it becomes very easy and effective. This piece has delighted audiences for years. A strong bass clarinet player is a must for this piece as the bcl leads most of the grooves together along with the drummer. (most effective if drummer uses brushes or one thin hot rod and a brush) Programatic in nature the piece also works well without a narrator, however it is best to read this wonderful book and to show these wonderful paintings to everyone.

Title: The Saints

Style: Swing/Country

Composer: Traditional - Arranger: Russ Weaver - Grade: 3 - Instrumentation: Woodwind Quartet FL, FL/OB, CL, BCL/BSN + optional drum set

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     Have some fun with this arrangement of the traditional American Jazz Standard for woodwind quartet. Use either 2 flutes or flute and oboe, in addition you can also use either Bass Clarinet or Bassoon. All parts are included. Add a drummer with brushes and you are ready for your next school board performance! Brown-Eyed girl intro into the saints, into a march-like section into the coda from Alabama's "Play Me Some Mountain Music".

Title: The Star Spangled Banner

Composer: Traditional - Arranger: Chris Sharp - Grade: 3 - Instrumentation: Standard Brass Quintet

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     Our national anthem arranged for brass quintet. Ranges are conservative and voicings are carefully constructed to create a rich sonority with just a few instruments. Perfect for occasions when you can't get the whole band together, but need to perform for that important social function.

Title: A People United

Composer: Traditional - Arranger: Chris Sharp - Grade: 3.5 - Instrumentation: Standard Brass Quintet

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     This medley of American patriotic tunes includes "Battle Cry of Freedom", "How Firm a Foundation" and snippets of other tunes concluding with "The Battle Hymn of the Republic". It can serve a multitude of uses ranging from public meetings and celebrations to church services and even solo/ensemble festivals.

Title: Washington Post

Style: March

Composer: Sousa - Arranger: Chris Sharp - Grade: 3.5 - Instrumentation: 3ob, 1eh, 2bsn,1cbsn

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     Here is an arrangement for every double reed ensemble! The piece that made the Washington Post newspaper go from a small newspaper to a major news center in the late 19th century. Offered by because it is unique and incorporates body percussion into this intense arrangement. Very faithful to the original score, Chris Sharp has orchestrated this march to sound like a full band! If you don't have a contrabassoon, any bass instrument can work. Don't miss this fun piece of history.

Title: Air On The G String

Style: Lyrical

Composer: J.S. Bach - Arranger: Chris Sharp - Grade: 4 - Instrumentation: 2 baritones, 2 tubas

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     Here is a wonderful concert piece for your low brass quartet. This beautiful melody arranged for the lyricism of the Euphonium make for a perfect offering for your next performance. Poignant, yet moving, this arrangement has found it's way onto many a concert stage.

Title: Faith Of Our Fathers

Composer: Henri F. Hemy - Arranger: Chris Sharp - Grade: 4 - Instrumentation: Standard Brass Quintet

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     A contemporary treatment of the well-known hymn, this unique arrangement in 7/8 time also has patriotic overtones and can be used for a wide variety of functions. It would be right at home in a church service, concert stage, music festival or at the band shell in town square.

Title: Lutheran Cornerstone Hymns

Style: Various Chamber Styles

Composer: Traditional - Arranger: Russ Weaver - Grade: 4 - Instrumentation: Flute Clarinet Bassoon

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Here is a wonderful Woodwind Trio recorded at St. Lukes Lutheran Church in Oveido Florida by Pam Guess, Russ Weaver and Ashleigh Heintzen in the Spring of 2017. It features 3 of the most requested Hymns artistically put together for a woodwind trio. Rehearse the transitions and the ending and it plays itself. Special thanks to Peter Prochnow for allowing us to use the Main Chapel at St. Lukes Lutheran in Oveido for this recording project.

Title: The Imp of the Perverse

Style: Dark Jazz Waltz

Composer: David MacKenzie - Arranger: David MacKenzie - Grade: 4 - Instrumentation: Fl, Ob, Cl, FH, BSN

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     This is an intense short expository piece that explores the dark jazz waltz style that works so very well with the transparent nature of the woodwind quintet timbre. This is recommended literature for every performing woodwind quintet.

Title: Tarantula Freak Dance!

Style: Assorted Medley

Composer: Traditional - Arranger: Russ Weaver - Grade: 5 - Instrumentation: Woodwind Quartet (fl.ob,cl,bsn) + acoustic bass

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     Originally from an adaptation of "The Miser", this fun medley is a great way to end your WW4 recital program. Think of anything to do with money and somehow small snips end up in this dissonant wild ride! If you like this one, you may be interested in the incidental music for the entire production. There is an optional 8 bar drum introduction for the actors to get into places, keep listening.

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