Title: Everyone Know's It, But No One Gets It!

Style: 2nd Line Swing

Composer: Traditional  - Arranger: Russ Weaver  - Grade: 1  - Instrumentation: Standard AS, TP,TPT, TBN,  Piano, Bass, Drums

     Everyone Knows It, But No One Gets It was written for the OCSA middle school in the Summer of 2009 and was performed by the top combo at the UNF Summer Jazz Institute. The tune is well disguised and has fooled even the best musicians out there. As it is a mystery, combos that play it should send in what they think the tune actually is and possibly receive a free chart! Written as a grade 1 combo chart, this 2nd line New Orleans-flavored swing feel will really get your students excited about performing their first combo chart. Ranges are moderate and the chord changes for the solo section are over 2 chords with one usable chord/scale. Start your students off right with this great chart.

Title: Veiled Newness

Style: Swing

Composer: Traditional  - Arranger: Russ Weaver  - Grade: 2  - Instrumentation: Standard AS, TP,TPT, TBN,  Piano, Bass, Drums

     See if you can figure out what traditional piece this is! Students have enjoyed playing this piece and now it is available for programs that need 4 horn charts that are as easy as they can be written. Very limited ranges and rhythms provide the perfect vehicle to "Jazz up" the arrangement and some easily fingered piano chords light the way to a great mystery piece for your next performance. Great for Middle School through High School, Veiled newness is both hip and appropriate to celebrate American Culture through jazz.

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