Title: Requiem for Inactive Verbs

Style: Funeral March

Composer: Russ Weaver - Arranger: Russ Weaver - Grade: 2 - Instrumentation: Standard Concert Band

     If your school would like to improve its writing scores, then this is the piece for you! Teach your students this famous lyric by noted author Jane Kiester (www.maupinhouse.com/kiester.php) and watch the results. Of course you can also have Mrs. Kiester come do a workshop for your teachers, and she will recommend that you add this piece to your standard concert band repertoire because it works.  Plan a funeral for these verbs, and each of the verbs can process through to this tune. This piece is fun and appropriate curricular use of utilitarian music through the language arts department.

Title: Cooper's Troopers

Style: Concert March

Composer: Chris Sharp - Arranger: Chris Sharp - Grade: 2.5 - Instrumentation: Standard Concert Band

     A wonderful concert march written in Florida to honor a Florida band director. Ideal material to open your middle school festival program.

Title: A Tom Sawyer Tone Poem

Style: Varied

Composer: Chris Sharp - Arranger: Chris Sharp - Grade: 3 - Instrumentation: Standard Concert Band

     Life on the Mississippi is reflected in this one-movement work seperated into thematic sections representing episodes in the life of young Tom Sawyer and his friends. This is the perfect time to do pieces with American literature tie-ins. Encourage your language arts department to explore this literature in the same semester that you perform this piece for an increased aesthetic experience for your learners. Sunshine State Standards friendly, this piece is an easy grade 3.

Title: The Warriors

Style: Concert March

Composer: Chris Sharp - Arranger: Chris Sharp - Grade: 3 - Instrumentation: Standard Concert Band

     "The Warriors" is a traditional concert march suitable for ceremonies and processionals. It is particularly effective as a Graduation Recessional. It also works well as an opening march on a festival program for high school and advanced middle school bands. This is the top seller for concert band literature. No music library is complete without a visit from the Warriors!

Title: Lament

Style: Ballad

Composer: Chris Sharp - Arranger: Chris Sharp - Grade: 3.5 - Instrumentation: Standard Concert Band

     This original work was written to honor the victims of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. It was performed by the Buchholz High School wind ensemble under the direction of Ms. Paula Thornton at the 2002 Midwest Clinic. It is a grade 3 composition intended to be accessible to high school and advanced middle school ensembles.

Title: Sunshine State Suite

Style: Varied

Composer: Chris Sharp - Arranger: Chris Sharp - Grade: 4 - Instrumentation: Standard Concert Band

     This piece a suite in four movements celebrating the diversity of Florida. The movements are entitled: 1. Beach Frolic, 2. The 'Glades, 3. Tourist Trap, and 4. The Space Coast. The thematic material is very musically descriptive and enjoyable. This piece is easily accessible by most high school-level bands.

Title: Three Selections From Mozart

Style: Varied

Composer: W.A. Mozart - Arranger: Chris Sharp - Grade: 4.5 - Instrumentation: Standard Concert Band

     Three selections from Mozart's monumental Requiem Mass are made available for concert band in this challenging setting. The rhythmic, driving "Confutatis" is followed by the famous "Tuba Mirum", showcasing solo trombone and other instruments. The suite concludes with the powerful, contrapuntal "Kyrie". A faithful transcription that is accessible by HS aged musicians. Each movement is playable as a stand-alone transcription or enjoy the entire 3 movement arrangement. Sound files from the last 2 movements are available upon request. Cultural tie-ins would be the multiple academy award winning movie Amadeus.

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