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Title: An Amazing Jazz Audition

Style: Chorale/Latin Jazz

Composer: Traditional - Arranger: Dr. Chris Sharp - Grade: 2 - Instrumentation: Standard Big Band 5,4,4, Rhy

     Description: Welcome to your jazz audition with "An Amazing Jazz Audition." Remember on the intro to play extremely legato and to make a contrast with the Latin-jazz section. Also, the drum auditions are the exact same audition throughout all jazz audition materials, so listen to the different examples and embellishments by Jazz Drummer Paul Parker to really get a grasp on the expectations of the drum audition. Remember, the style sheets for drums are the main audition, the actual tune itself is for call-backs only. Please learn both.

Alto Sax Amazing Jazz Audition

Tenor Sax Amazing Jazz Audition

Bari Sax Amazing Jazz Audition

Trumpet Amazing Jazz Audition

Trombone Amazing Jazz Audition

Piano Amazing Jazz Audition


Bass Amazing Jazz Audition


Drum Set or Aux Perc Amazing Jazz Audition


Guitar Amazing Jazz Audition


Paul Parker Demonstrates the Drum Audition

Title: D-Oxy-Ri-Bo

Style: Latin-Swing-Latin

Composer: Sonny Rollins - Arranger: Weaver - Grade: 2  - Instrumentation: Bb Eb C and Bass Clef parts

Description: Here's an easy way to audition jazz students for all county, district or honor groups. Scoring rubrics are included on each pdf.

                               De-Oxy for Wind Audition


                               De-Oxy for Bass Auditions


                               De-Oxy for Piano Auditions

De-Oxy as performed by Howard Hart

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