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Quality Band Music

Mission Statement

     Cyberwinds Music is committed to publishing the best fine arts sheet music available. All compositions are tested in the public school/private school band room and the majority of pieces have been performed at either State and National conferences or district level contests in Florida. is the natural outlet for compositions that are written in the Central Florida area by artists that are currently writing for their programs. Some pieces reflect proximity to 3 Major theme parks as well as the dialect island of musical vocabulary that can be found unique in Central Florida culture.

      Cyberwinds Music is actively pursuing getting its compositions on the ABA lists in all states and festivals having such lists as well as getting authorization for performances in Private school solo and ensemble, as well as large group contests.  Cyberwindsmusic publications are currently on the State lists in both Florida and New York State.

     We, at Cyberwinds Music, are all active band directors as well as composers, arrangers, and performers with one common goal: To change the American Musical Landscape through quality original compositions that celebrate creativity, development, uniqueness and depth.

  • is celebrating 25 years in the printed sheet music business.

  • offers affordably priced, quality sheet music for band programs worldwide.

  • is committed to bridging the gap between the disciplines in education. This is why we offer pieces that work to connect Elementary School and Middle School programs, MS and HS programs, Language Arts and MS/HS band programs and the like. Authors interested in having pieces written to tie in with your published literature should contact us.

  • offers commissioned writing. Please contact us for details.

  •'s licensing allows directors to print parts "as needed" for your program. If you lose a part, print a part. The way it should be. This includes one copy for the judge at solo and ensemble festival as well as 3 score copies for Concert Band festivals. Print this page and include it with your scores! Simple

  • offers elementary music featuring Orff Ensemble or "Orffestra" pieces. These pieces also utilize band instruments so that K-8 schools can have integrated literature.

  • offers compositions that might be considered "too risky" by the larger American corporate publishers.  We're here for the composers' contributions as they write what they hear and feel, not just what might sell.  

Thanks Russ! Your site is looking better all the time! Congratulations! IT REALLY IS VERY IMPRESSIVE!!! I love the idea that the kids can practice the AC Jazz online, wherever they are via your site. Sandy Maye: K-8 music educator... Osceola County Florida

Jane Kiester: educator and noted author of "Caught ya Again"

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