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Hey Baby Traditional Print

Hey Baby Traditional Print


Hey Baby is a piece for traditional jazz band that was written for my "muse"; Beth Rattie! I was sitting at the piano, eyes closed, just groovin', heard something, opened my eyes and she had walked into the room and was dancing to this piano groove! Perfect! The rest became a big band treatment that sounds challenging for trumpets but lays wonderfully easy (7th graders have very little difficulty with it). Hey Baby is unique because it goes to an unexpected Hi Hat grove on the bridge with the "A" section delivering the ride shuffle. (many tunes utilize Hi Hat on the "A" section and then break into the "Ride" groove on the bridge, this is the opposite.) Pianist will have to work out the groove rhythm on the first 4 bars. I recommend that this be done before the first rehearsal and with the recording below. My students have loved and requested this piece because they enjoy playing it. Contest level material. Top Seller!

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