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Ode to an Idea PDF

Ode to an Idea PDF


Ode to an Idea is an interesting grade 2 bassoon solo that my students have found both fun and rewarding to perform. ABA form with a poignant "A" section and a rousing "College spirit-type B section" make for a fun educational grade 1 playing experience. Licensing for this solo allows purchaser to print both your copy and the one for your contest judge as well.

The recording features the Ms. Christine Arens on piano and Stetson University's Bassoon professor Mrs. Ashley Heintzen. Thank you to these amazing artists for lending their time to this project. Recordings were made in the St. Lukes Lutheran main chapel in Oveido, Florida. Special thanks to Mr. Peter Prochnow for making this happen. Ode to an Idea is currently on the State list in FLORIDA and if you are a smartmusic user, be sure and contact us for the free smartmusic file that provides accompaniment at any tempo.

Approved State Lists: FLORIDA (FBA gr.2) District 10 use only

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